Step 4: Source A Skilled & Experienced Support Team

The foundation of success on event day relies on a simple, yet uber important element: a team of skilled and experienced event and marketing professionals.

Whether they are internal or external support, you’ll need more than just yourself to plan, manage and deliver your event. But how do you know who is the right fit? 

Here’s my three-step process:

1. Conduct An Initial Vetting Meeting 
Armed with the event scope you created when completing Step 3: Define Your Event Scope, you should now know exactly what it is you’re planning to deliver and which aspects of the event you require additional support with.

Set up an initial conference call with all potential contractors or third party agencies so you can shortlist your favorites PRIOR to sharing your event scope with them. This will help ensure you’re receiving honest answers rather than those potentially guided by what they think you want to hear. 

Use open-ended questions as this provides the opportunity for longer more detailed responses. A few of my favorites include: 

- Tell me about your company and the type of events you plan? 
- What are your areas of expertise and what would you say you do better than other event management companies? 
- How do you structure your team? Will all of your leads be onsite to deliver the elements they’ve been managing? 
- Can you tell me about one or two of the most innovative or cutting edge concepts you’ve helped your clients deliver at their events? 
- How do you charge? Project fee, percentage of the total budget or other?

2. Present Your Scope & Request A Customized Quote
Once you’ve shortlisted your prospects, present your scope to those who are still in the running and request an itemized quote to be delivered within 5 business days. While the scope may change slightly as details are confirmed, you’ll need to understand their relative costs to enable a true comparison among contractors/agencies. 

3. Make Your Selection
After evaluating all of their answers to the above, go with your gut. You’ll have already ranked them based on their responses, interactions, and the rapport you have (or have not) already built. Now’s the time to go with what feels right.

Stay tuned for the next installment of the 7 Steps to Event Success!
 Step 5: Create & Manage A Budget.

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