5 Tips for Networking as an Entrepreneur with Limited Time

entrepreneurship Sep 07, 2023

As an entrepreneur, we are often wearing so many different hats. That means time is precious and going to every networking event in your area, or spending time on every social media platform all day is just not realistic. 

So how do you keep all the plates spinning and find time to meet new people? 

Here are my top 4 tips for how to get your name out there and network as an entrepreneur in the most time-efficient manner. Plus one more for when things are more established and you’re ready to keep scaling. 

Focus only on your ideal clients as the audience. 

Until you’ve got a team to be able to share the load, avoid wasting time, money and effort networking to the masses. You don’t need to be talking with everyone, but only with those who have the highest chance of converting to customers. Or the people who know your target customers and may have a bigger platform to reach them than you do. 

It’s ideal customers or bust! 

Create a...

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How to Keep the Needle Moving Forward in Your Business

entrepreneurship Aug 21, 2023


As an entrepreneur who loves what they do (as I do), it can be easy to get caught up helping your clients achieve their goals, that working on your own goals can hit the backburner. 

I think we all fall prey to this at some point in our start-up journey, but with a clear framework in place you can ensure your business continues to grow and scale. 

If you've been around for even a minute, you know I love a list (and a spreadsheet) so it should be no surprise that how I managed to work on client goals AND my own goals simultaneously requires a structured approach with multiple lists that all talk to one another. 

Here are the three list practices I’ve employed (and you can too!) for staying on top of my goals. 

Start With Annual Review

You have to clearly see where you want to go in order to get there. That takes planning. 

I launched my first event management company in Australia in 2008. Even as I scaled organically year over year, I knew I...

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Finding My Ideal Work Schedule as an Entrepreneur

entrepreneurship Aug 07, 2023


Starting a business can be really exciting. You have an idea, you’ve proven there is a market for it and then you hit the ground running. 

However, that can easily be something where you go from spending 40 hours (or more!) per week working for someone else to spending 60+ working on your own business. While that may work fine for some, it’s not a one-size fits all or sustainable for everyone. 

Finding an ideal schedule that works for YOU is a key part of building a business, something I’ve had some experience with as I built a business that operates across multiple continents — the U.S., Europe and Australia — and even more time zones. 

Here are three key tactics I found to create my ideal schedule that you can apply to your business. 

1. Outline your non-negotiables 

These are the things that matter the most to you in business. You didn't start work to give up your life to build a business, did you? Didn't think so. So...

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