The Event Accelerator

A 3-month intensive designed for entrepreneurs who are ready to collapse time and go from an "idea-in-your-head" event strategy to seamlessly sold-out and selling-on-stage.



Calling all entrepreneurs who are ready to elevate their brand, amplify their message and transform their profit trajectory with must-attend events. 

As a global, award-winning event producer…I’ve been asked to share the
PROVEN framework that I have used to net my 7, 8, 9 and 10-figure clients millions of dollars in revenue, many many times.

Well… Get Excited!!!

Because… I’m about to teach event-ready entrepreneurs (like YOU!) all of my systems, processes AND industry secrets!

Have you ever walked into your event completely exhausted and over it after working around the clock for weeks (or months) because your team was unqualified or under-resourced?

Or maybe the very thought of this, has you stuck-at-the-start-gate… (forget standing-on-stage).

Unfortunately, both of these scenarios are more common than not, however this does NOT have to be the case.

Imagine a world where…

You and your team walk into event week feeling cool, calm and collected
You are proactive rather than reactive. 
Focused rather than frantic and frazzled.

Have you heard the saying “Alone we can go far. Together we can go further (and faster!)”?  

I added the last bit BUT here’s the thing…

The foundation of overall event success, relies on having a team of skilled and experienced event and marketing professionals to lean on.

Whether they're internal or external support, you’ll need more than just yourself to plan, manage and deliver your event.  

The key is choosing the right team to work with.

And that’s where we come in. 

Meet me inside The Event Accelerator

Limited spaces for elite entrepreneurs.


I understand that our full event management service is a significant investment - which is why I’ve created this one-of-a-kind experience, over 3 transformative months.

So you can get The Mel-Factor (at a fraction of the cost!)


  • Having a world-renowned event professional in your back pocket, to answer all your questions, hold you accountable and walk you through the PROVEN framework that has netted MPE’s 7, 8, 9 and 10-figure clients millions of dollars in revenue, many many times. 
  • Equipping your team with the tools, strategies and templates they need to support your vision, without overwhelm.
  • Stepping on stage at your sold-out event, feeling ready, refreshed and raring to go! 

The Event Accelerator


Delivered in-person and online, this 3-month intensive takes you from event strategy to selling-on-stage. 

 Together we will:

  • Clarify your event mission and outline your goals so your event actually moves the needle in your business.
  • Define your event scope, from program to pitch, perfectly positioned and planned with your target audience’s deepest desires dialled in.
  • Identify your revenue streams to ensure you attract as many dollars as possible. From sponsorship to tiered tickets to merchandise to selling on stage, we leave no stone unturned.
  • Create your project plan and event timeline so everyone on your team know the exact role they are required to play. 
  • Build your event budget using my tried-and-tested template to track revenue and expenses in real time to ensure you can comfortably deliver your vision — on (or below!) budget.
  • Secure your speakers, sponsors, venue, vendors and E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G in between!
  • Set up your registration platform so you're ready to launch as soon as your marketing plan tells you to do so.
  • Design your targeted audience acquisition and registered attendee nurture campaigns to market your event and turn followers into wallet-waving fans.

Plus I'll spill all of my tips, tricks and industry secrets that will save you tens of thousands of dollars – guaranteed.

And I know you need all that… why?

  • Because you’re so busy running the day-to-day of your business, that planning an event pretty much tipped you over the edge last time (or you’re sure it would have, so you never actually tried).
  • Because with all the marketing, the planning and the showing up to promote it… your other income streams flatlined.
  • Because what was meant to be a cash injection, actually left you (at best) breakeven. And highly likely, at the point of breakdown.


How would seamless, stress-free, SOLD-OUT events change your business?


With complete certainty, I can say that events can and will create a monumental impact to your income.

THE GUARANTEE: There’s NO risk! Zero, zilch, nada!
Make your investment back in revenue and savings… or get your money back!

That’s how confident I am in this program!

See for yourself…


So, to quickly recap…

Joining The Event Accelerator gets you...

Let’s see how the math is mathing…

Luxury, high-end retreat -

Consultancy level event support roadmap + coaching - $25,000

Expert level guest speaker masterclasses - $3,000

Trademarked signature course content - $1,999

1:1 access to an award-winning event producer… priceless!

That’s over $34,949 in value…


Join The Event Accelerator 2024


And make 2023 the last year that you didn’t run a seamless, stress-free, sold-out event…

Starts June 2024.


I specialize in creating high-impact experiences that are guaranteed to exceed your (and your attendees’) expectations while accomplishing your business goals.

Melissa Park Events was established in Australia in 2008. Since then, I’ve been helping elite entrepreneurs, all over the world, elevate their income portfolio and engineer event success. 

This one-of-a-kind accelerator and retreat is designed to inspire, educate and empower entrepreneurs (like you!) to produce seamlessly profitable, sold-out experiences - with my proven framework and hand-holding throughout.

I know first-hand how much events can close the gap between where you are now… and where you so want to be. So trust me when I say, this 3-month experience includes every little detail you’d expect from an award-winning global event producer and mentor… and everything I would expect as a participant…✨

Remember: Spaces strictly are limited.


Here’s what happens next…

When you apply to rocket your revenue through events with us, you’ll be asked for information about you and your business. 

MPE is the premier event management service for elite entrepreneurs - and we want to make sure that we never waste a minute of anyone’s time - including our own.

Once we’ve reviewed your application, if we believe we’re a good fit, we’ll be in touch to get you booked in for a no-obligation consultation call

This isn’t a “sales call.” This is an interview to genuinely gauge whether or not The Event Accelerator is a fit for you. 

In fact, what we’re most interested in is whether your business is at a stage where you’re ready to introduce an event or scale your existing one, because some people have upper limits and behind-the-scenes challenges that could get in the way.

We want to make sure you don’t have any red flags that are going to hold you back because, if we do work together, we’re DETERMINED to get you results.

If you are ready to commit to moving that needle, then you’re going to want to apply ASAP. Spaces are EXTREMELY limited as our team works tirelessly to produce only the best results for our clients and businesses just like yours.


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