Event Signage Directory

Have you ever rocked up to an event venue that’s bigger than the Taj Mahal only to wander the corridors aimlessly trying to find the registration desk?

How about locating breakout rooms spread across multiple floors when you’ve only got 10-minute transitions to get from one to the next? 

Cue, being late for every session!

It’s irritating right? But it doesn’t have to be.

Event signage plays MANY roles. It directs, informs, announces, acknowledges, identifies and eliminates the guesswork (and frustration) from the attendee experience. 

Our signage directory walks you through every piece of indoor, outdoor and digital signage options to consider for your next event. 

PLUS, you’ll get: 

  • Tips on the best materials to use for each piece
  • Questions you should be asking BEFORE you contract, and
  • Design tips to get the biggest bang for your budget

Up-level your event AND attendee experience today!

Format: A 25-page document in PDF format.

$49.00 USD