Contractor & Third Party Agency Vetting Questionnaire

Have you ever walked into your event completely exhausted and over it after working around the clock for weeks (or months) because your team was understaffed or under-resourced?

This is unfortunately more common than not however this does NOT have to be the case.

Imagine a world where…

You walk into event week feeling cool, calm and collected
You are proactive rather than reactive. 
Focused rather than frantic and frazzled.

Have you heard the saying “Alone we can go far. Together we can go further (and faster!)”?  

I added the last bit BUT here’s the thing…

The foundation of event day success relies on having a team of skilled and experienced event and marketing professionals.

Whether they're internal or external support, you’ll need more than just yourself to plan, manage and deliver your event.  

The key is choosing the right team to work with. 

Our 20+ questionnaire will help you find, vet and hire those gun event professionals to make your event a seamless stress-free success.  

Format: 20+ questionnaire formatted in Google Docs. 
GSuite is our fave because we can continue to add additional value to our products giving our incredible customers more bang for their buck long after their initial purchase. You’ll receive an email alert every time an update is made.

$29.00 USD