Conference Project Plan Template

Have you ever been tasked with getting a conference off the ground and felt stressed out and completely overwhelmed?

You’ve got team leads from every department looking to you for direction. You know it’s your job to hold them accountable, but you have no idea where to start.

With a mountain of to-do’s and a need to keep things moving forward, you could ease your stress by breaking things down into smaller, more manageable tasks with a project plan and event timeline.

OR… you can save yourself a ton of time AND money and buy mine! 

Known by my clients as “Mel’s Master Doc”, this template offers the 19 tabs of event management goodness you need, including:

  • Your event program
  • Space allocation
  • Signage plan
  • Staff roster
  • Event timeline
  • Attendee tracking and much much more.

This plug-n-play template is a one-stop-shop for everyone needing to track, coordinate or work on any element of your event.

Streamline your processes and save time starting now. Grab your template today! 

Format: 19-tab google sheet.
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$99.00 USD